Getting your results

Most women get their results within 4 weeks of their breast screen.

You’ll get them faster if you’ve set up a BreastScreen Queensland online account and asked for your results to be sent there.

We’ll also send your results to your doctor if you’ve given us their details.

Normal breast screening result

Ninety-five out of 100 women have a normal breast screening result. This means no sign of breast cancer has been found on their x-rays.

We'll let you know if you get a normal result from your breast screen. We'll either send you a letter by post or to your BreastScreen Queensland online account if you have one.

Women with a normal result should come for another breast screen in 2 years - or less if that's what you've been advised. Having a breast screen at least every 2 years is the best way to find breast cancers early, when they’re more easily treated.

If you notice any changes to your breasts in between breast screens, you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

A breast screening result that needs follow up tests

Five out of 100 women will be asked to have follow up tests after a breast screen. This doesn’t mean you have breast cancer. It means that something has been found on your x-rays that needs to be investigated further.

For every 1000 people who have a breast screen

Every 100 pie chart

950 will have a normal result
50 will be asked to have follow-up tests

of those asked to have follow up tests will be diagnosed with breast cancer

Source: BreastScreen Queensland Registry

Follow up tests are done at our Assessment Clinics. Assessment Clinics are also free. Eighty five out of 100 women who are asked to come to an Assessment Clinic are found to not have cancer after the follow up tests.

If you need follow up tests, one of our nurses will call you to talk about what happens next.

Read more about what happens at an Assessment Clinic.

Last updated: October 2021