Video - What it's like to work for BreastScreen Queensland


Welcome to BreastScreen Queensland.

Queensland has a population of over four million and is seven times the size of Great Britain. We are lucky to be bathed in sunshine around 260 days a year. This is why we are called the Sunshine State. We have five natural world heritage areas, including the Daintree National Forest and the world's largest sand island, Fraser Island. From islands in the Torres Strait down to the golden shores of the Gold Coast and the inland ranges of Toowoomba, BreastScreen Queensland delivers vital screening and assessment services at more than 260 sites.

Coming to work for BreastScreen Queensland, you're going to get the training, education and support that you need to be able to work within the program. You get the opportunity to get a formal qualification called the CMP. We will support you to be able to perform mammographic biopsies as part of the assessment clinic. You can learn to do breast ultrasound and you can also be trained to be a clinical tutor.

BreastScreen Queensland is a wonderful accessible government initiative that saves a lot of lives and I love working for an organisation that is so accessible to all.

We have delivered more than five and a half million breast screens and detected more than 27 thousand breast cancers since 1991. We get to screen and interact with around 700 clients each and every day.

I've been a client at BreastScreen Queensland now for eight years. What I like about BreastScreen Queensland is the staff. They make you feel welcome, particularly when you're feeling a little bit nervous, they do support you and it's just a really supportive environment to be in.

I think we're such a great group. We work well together and we really are achieving great outcomes, you know really good positive outcomes, for our clients and I think that that's what I really love about it.

Since the day I started, the team has been very friendly and supportive that it's made it a very seamless transition to learn and upskill in.

We offer staff a great lifestyle plus a great place to work.

Working for BreastScreen Queensland is wonderful for work-life balance, means that I work through the day and I can spend time with my family in the evenings. I also have the opportunity to work part-time which suits our family life.

Our mobile vans provide access to screening for women in remote regional and coastal locations like Murray Island in the Torres Strait.

We have a fleet of mobile vehicles that move around the state and as a worker going out to work in these beautiful, varied locations is pretty awesome.

BreastScreen Queensland has fantastic career opportunities. In addition Queensland is a wonderful place to live. I'm really glad I left the UK to come and work here and I think it'd be fantastic opportunity for others too.

There are amazing career opportunities for people who want to experience the great lifestyle Queensland has to offer. We are looking for experienced and enthusiastic radiographers, mammographers and sonographers to join our fantastic team.

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Last updated: May 2023