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Rockhampton Service

Bookings and general enquiries

+61 7 4920 7200
13 20 50 (cost of a local call)

Rockhampton Service

Hospital Grounds, Rockhampton Base Hospital
North Street, Rockhampton

Refer to the map for travel instructions.

Satellite locations

Gladstone Service

Gladstone Base Hospital
Park Street
Refer to the map for travel instructions.

Last reviewed 26 August 2016
Last updated 26 August 2016


The risk of developing breast cancer is influenced by a range of factors such as: growing older, strong family history, being overweight, drinking alcohol and breast density.

Whilst there is currently no reliable way to measure breast density for breastscreening mammograms, research is underway to find new validated, evidence- based methods of screening dense breasts.

Regardless of density, mammography remains the best breast cancer screening test for women aged from 50-74.